facial rejuvenation

acupressure, acupuncture and lymphatic drainage massage - allow 90 minutes per session

our face reflects more than our age...

Our face reflects our mental, emotional and physical health - the radiance of our essence, our depth of personality, our mystery.  Chinese Medical Facial Rejuvenation brings forth the natural glow of good health, as it aligns deep energies, balances organ systems, harmonizes emotions, stimulates cellular repair and tones the muscles of facial expression.

a facial rejuvenation session includes

  • Chinese Medical diagnosis utilizing pulse, tongue and key questions
  • acupressure & lymphatic drainage facial massage (20 min)
  • fine-needle constitutional acupuncture treatment for face and body (50 min)
  • body balance with application of specific essential oils

a facial rejuvenation session 

  • harmonizes the Channel Systems
  • regulates the flow of Qi and Blood
  • harmonizes Yin and Yang
  • encourages regulation of the Lymphatic System
  • facilitates absorption of nutrients
  • encourages 'breathing' of the skin
  • promotes secretions from sweat and oil glands
  • stimulates collagen production to smooth wrinkles
  • stimulates organs and regulates internal organ system functioning
  • promotes balanced muscular contraction 

q & a

  • How long is a Facial Rejuvenation Session? Allow 90 minutes for your session.  
  • What should I wear for my session? Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.
  • How many sessions will I need? A complete facial treatment series consists of 9 sessions; each session gives a constitutional & pattern-based treatment plus a focus on a particular area of the face or neck. You will see improvement after just one session; a more complete and long-lasting rejuvenation is possible with a complete series of sessions.
  • Do I have to pay for all 9 sessions at once?  You may purchase sessions individually, or purchase 3-sessions packs at a 20% discount.  Call for current prices. 212-228-9344
  • How long do I have to use my sessions? 3-session packs are good for 6 months